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Silicone rubber, polyurethane resin, polyester resin for technical articles

RTV2 silicone rubbers, owing to high chemical-mechanical properties and their easily to use, are suitable for the realization of moulds to produce technical articles (articles for climbing - climbing holds etc…).


Polyurethane, epoxy, polyester resins and polyurethane rubbers are suitable for the realization of technical and sporting articles - climbing holds.

SILICONE RUBBERS - moulds for climbing holds

Product Description Sheet
SILIMOLD AL 10 - moulds for climbing holds Soft silicone (10 shore A). Complex moulds for serial making of small sized resin objects (polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin), plaster, wax. Moulds for lost-wax foundries. Suitable for "glove peeling" delivery. Moulds for technical articles - climbing holds.
SILIMOLD AL 20 - moulds for climbing holds Medium hardness silicone (20 shore A). High mechanical properties, suitable for the preparation of moulds with a considerable number of undercuts: reproduction of bronze statues (artistic foundry), serial reproduction of complex hand-made resin articles (polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin), in plaster, natural and synthetic wax, cement (ex. statues, decorative garden articles, decorative candles, prototypes, decorative pottery, rosettes, cornices, imitation wood friezes, etc…). Moulds for technical articles- climbing holds.

POLYURETHANE RESINS for climbing holds

Product Description Sheet
RESIN PU 087 - climbing holds Special bi-component pourable polyurethane resin. Characterized by low viscosity, high thermic resistance (up to 110°C), low linear shrinkage, quick demoulding, excellent definition. Suitable for producing demonstrative prototypes, foundry patterns (where it is required excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability and high precision), negatives, serial poured hand-made articles, copy models, blister, pilot vacuum thermoforming moulds or similar applications. The resin is pigmentable and highly filleable (using the charge AL 3 H it is possible to obtain low specific weight products). Available standard catalyst for thin layers and slow catalyst for relevant masses, climbing holds.
RESIN PUC 097 - climbing holds Bi-component polyurethane resin applicable by pouring, pre-filled with special charges, tool workable. Characterized by no linear shrinkage (<0,05%), high scraping and thermic resistance (up to 115°C). Used for the realization of foundry patterns, copy models, moulds and prototype, pilot vacuum thermoforming moulds, in modelling sector (realization of models in scale of cars, ships, airplane, toy soldiers, small objects). Available standard catalyst for thin layers and slow catalyst for relevant masses, climbing holds.

POLIESTER RESINS for climbing holds

Polyester resins for the realization of fiberglass object and technical and sporting articles, climbing holds.

Product Description Sheet
RESINPOL E 386 - climbing holds Orthoftalic pre-accelerated polyester resin.
This resin is characterized by good mechanical properties, low linear shrinkage, high wetting power toward fibre and mineral charges. Suitable to realize high thickness hand-made compounds, coachworks, sanitary fixtures, components for industrial machinery etc…
Used for the pouring production of ornamental or technical articles, for pressing (at low or medium temperature) and for the production of synthetic marble and marble agglomerate. Resin for masses filled with inert materials. Allow to obtain paste with high percentage of charge, like calcium carbonate, marble, microspheres, etc…Charges allow to increase the mass volume without compromise the fluency, with the advantage of containing the heat development, increasing the dimensional stability and reducing the final costs of the applied product, climbing holds.
RESINPOL R 601 Orthoftalic polyester resin for stratification (tixotropic). Owing to its low linear shrinkage is suitable to realize high thickness hand-made compounds. Tixotropic property minimize the tendency of pouring in vertical stratification. Suitable for the production of coachwork features, nautical buildings, sanitary fixtures, industrial components etc…Used for moulding with manual application.
RESINPOL R 302 - climbing holds Bicomponent tixotropic polyester resin for stratification, isoftalic, low water absorption coefficient, and good resistance to chemical agents. Characterized by a higher flexibility than orthoftalic resins, climbing holds.
RESIN VINILESTERE 922 Bicomponent vinilestere tixotropic resin for stratification characterized by high chemical and mechanical resistance, similar to epoxy resins, and a high temperature resistance (more than 110 °C). Applied by manual stratification or with mat and fiberglass, carbon and kevlar. Tixotropic property minimize the tendency of pouring in vertical stratification.


Lamination pure epoxy resins

Product Description Sheet
KEMIEPOX NCT 501L Bi-component pure lamination epoxy resin that cures, with the appropriate hardeners, at room temperature (over 25°C) or at hot. Characterized by excellent mechanical and thermic resistance (over 150°C), low viscosity, excellent wetting, and resistant towards yellow tendency, high surface finish (final surface with no greasiness).
Applications: Realization of small/medium sized high performance compounds, of sports articles, structural elements of boats subject to strong stress, surf-boards, aircrafts (application for stratification on fibreglass, fibre, carbon etc…).
KEMIEPOX TRS/NAUTICAL Bicomponent pure epoxy system, fluid, characterized by good smooth finish, quick cure and low viscosity; specific separate charge to add, if necessary, up to 2,5 the resin volume. The final compound is suitable for shaving on wide surfaces and thickness up to 2 cm.
Repairing of structural elements of wood boat, aircraft, competition vehicle, sporting articles and small sized objects. Treatment against osmosis and, adding the charge, for shaving and plastering of wide surfaces. Applied for flow-coating, manual or with roller, of fiberglass, carbon, kevlar or wood.
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