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Nautical and aeronautics

Nautical and aeronautics sector requires products characterized by excellent mechanical and thermic resistance, excellent wetting towards fibres (flow-coating of carbon fibre, fiberglass, Kevlar), high surface finish, water resistance, for the realization of structural elements of boats and aircrafts subject to strong stress.


Epoxy resins and polyester systems are suitable to be used in nautical and aeronautical sector.


Epoxy resins applicable for stratification. Anti-osmosis epoxy systems for shipyard. Assure surface finish and excellent machanical and thermic resistance. Low viscosity, excellent wetting and resistance towards yellow tendency. Suitable in nautical field, for the realization of hand-made compounds, motorcycle accessories, sporting articles. Available many hardener with different applicable time.

Product Description Sheet
KEMIEPOX NCT 501L Bi-component pure lamination epoxy resin that cures, with the appropriate hardeners, at room temperature (over 25°C) or at hot. Characterized by excellent mechanical and thermic resistance (over 150°C), low viscosity, excellent wetting, and resistant towards yellow tendency, high surface finish (final surface with no greasiness).
Applications: Realization of small/medium sized high performance compounds, of sports articles, nautica sector for structural elements of boats subject to strong stress, surf-boards, aircrafts (application for stratification on fibreglass, fibre, carbon etc…).
KEMIEPOX TRS/NAUTICAL Bicomponent pure epoxy system, fluid, characterized by good smooth finish, quick cure and low viscosity; specific separate charge to add, if necessary, up to 2,5 the resin volume. The final compound is suitable for shaving on wide surfaces and thickness up to 2 cm.
Repairing of structural elements of wood boat in nautical sector, aircraft, competition vehicle, sporting articles and small sized objects. Treatment against osmosis and, adding the charge, for shaving and plastering of wide surfaces. Applied for flow-coating, manual or with roller, of fiberglass, carbon, kevlar or wood.


Range of epoxy gel-coats easy to use (paint-brush), good spreading and excellent definition, used to obtain surfaces resistant to scraping, temperature and chemical attack.

Product Description
KEMIEPOX 1001 Suitable for RIM moulds, high resistance on edges high temperature resistance (120°C).
KEMIEPOX 1004 High scraping resistance
KEMIEPOX 1005 High chemical resistance and thermoresistant (160°C).
KEMIEPOX 1007 Bright aspect, polishing and repairing


Suitable in nautical field (for the building of hulls and products destined to permanent water contact, competition boats, surf-boards etc…) realization of transparent finish on surf-boards, realization of bending stress articles such as sticks for sails, etc…motorcycle accessories, sporting articles. Available many hardener with different applicable time.

Product Description Sheet
RESINPOL R 601 Orthophthalic polyester resin for stratification (tixotropic). Owing to its low linear shrinkage is suitable to realize high thickness hand-made compounds. Tixotropic property minimize the tendency of pouring in vertical stratification. Suitable for the production of coachwork features, nautical buildings, sanitary fixtures, industrial components etc…Used for moulding with manual application.

  • coach work
  • nautical buildings
  • sanitary fixtures
  • industrial components
  • realization of fiberglass hand-made compounds
RESINPOL R 302 Bicomponent tixotropic polyester resin for stratification, isophthalic, low water absorption coefficient, and good resistance to chemical agents. Characterized by a higher flexibility than orthoftalic resins.

  • buildings of hulls and articles destined to permanent contact with water
  • building of surf boards
  • transparent finish on surf boards
  • anticorrosive structural covering of basins, etc…
  • realization of bending stress articles such as elastic suspensions, sticks for sails, fairings etc…
RESIN VINILESTERE 922 Bicomponent vinilestere tixotropic resin for stratification characterized by high chemical and mechanical resistance, similar to epoxy resins, and a high temperature resistance (more than 110 °C). Applied by manual stratification or with mat and fiberglass, carbon and kevlar. Tixotropic property minimize the tendency of pouring in vertical stratification.

  • compound sector for the most difficult applications either with fiberglass or carbon and kevlar
  • production of motorcycle silencers, bodies, fairings etc…
  • competition boats
  • anticorrosive structural covering of basins, tanks in chemical and oil industry


Particular structural adhesives available for the structural bonding of bulkheads, decks, centres etc…

Product Description Sheet
EPOOLCOL S 890 Bicomponent specific tixotropic epoxy system for structural bonding of metal, composite materials and pre-pregs. Our special formulations allow adhesion with high crashing, cutting and peeling resistance. No shrinkage and good heat resistance (up to 80°C). Bonding of compound materials. System suitable also to bond various materials like glass, ceramic.
POLIMIX SYSTEM 2K 0990 Specific bi-component tixotropic polyurethane system for structural bonding of rigid plastics. Our special formulations allow adhesion with high crashing ahd cutting resistance No shrinking and good heat resistance (up to 80°C). Bonding of composite materials. System suitable to bond composite materials and rigid plastics.  


Structural one component polyurethane for glasses, sheet metal, wood and composite materials.

Product Description
VVSEAL 2525 Structural polyurethane sealant. Hygro hardening (curing when in contact with the atmosphere’s humidity) forming an excellent elastomer. Used for sealing crystal/crystal and crystal/plate, synthetic materials, ceramics etc…
VVSEAL 2828 Polyurethane sealant. Hygro-hardening, it cures with air contact forming an excellent elastomer. Applications: bonding plates, synthetic materials, ceramics, wood, etc..
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