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POOLKEMIE®offers a complete and versatile line of professional chemical products such as bi-component rubbers and resins that are used in many industrial appliances, applied arts, in building.


In particular POOLKEMIE® is leader in formulation and production of silicone and polyurethane elastomers for flexible moulds and matrices production and of epoxy resins.


Furthermore PoolKemie distribution program includes a line of complementary products used in moulds and matrices production such as release agents , charges, additives and plaster powder.

The PoolKemie distribution program is completed by four distinct lines for professional:
  • Line of rubber sheets
  • Line of mono and bi-component adhesives and sealants for several industrial applications
  • Line of bi-component resins for flooring
  • Line of protective and waterproof coatings and special foams for building and tunnelling

PoolKemie products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics.


We’d like to invite you to discover the world of Poolkemie....


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