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Rubbers and resins for moulding

Silicone rubbers and polyurethane rubbers for moulding

Cold vulcanizable RTV2 silicone rubbers and polyurethane rubbers for moulds and matrices available in two different lines of elastomers:the silicone-based SILIMOLD® and the polyurethane-based POLIMOLD® .


SILIMOLD and POLIMOLD are two-component liquid rubbers which , once mixed with special catalyst, cure at room temperature, forming stable and not reversible compounds characterized by high elasticity.


They are used in many industrial applications, professional, and artistic sectors.


Casting resins

Bicomponent resins

Cold vulcanizable resins (mainly epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, acrylic and silicone) with their hardeners, available in the following lines respectively:

Polyurethane resins in the lines PU (pouring) and PUC (pouring and charged), KEMIEPUR and HYDROPOOL

Epoxy resins in the lines KEMIEPOX, HYDROPOX PK and ATOXPOOL

Polyester resins in the line RESINPOL

Acrylic resins in the line ECORESIN

Silicone resins in the line SILSTONE


They are used in several industrial applications, professional, handicraft and artistic sectors.


Rubber sheets

Latex, rubber sheets, adhesives & sealants, resins for flooring, protective and waterproof coatings


Rubber sheets

Mono and bi-component adhesives and sealants for many industrial appliances

Bi-component resins for flooring

Protective and waterproof coatings and special foams for building and tunnelling

Release agents, charges, additives and plaster powder.



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