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resins for electronics - electrical insulation - encapsulating

Resins for electrics and electrical applications - electrical insulation encapsulation

Electronic, electric and electrotechnical sectors include applications for high/low voltage, press work of insulators and encapsulation of high voltage transformers, applications in the sector of cables for energy transmission and telecommunications. This sector requires formulations characterized by excellent chemical, mechinical and electric resistance completely insulating toward water and moisture (dump, humidity).

Polyurethane and epoxy systems are suitable to be used in this sector.

Resins for electric and electrical insulation (insulating resin) encapsulating, insulator.

Polyurethane resins offer flexibility, elasticity and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane resins for electrical insulation are appreciated for the rapid hardening and the low exothermic reaction. Special polyurethane formulations are particularly interesting for the flexibility also at very low temperatures, low electric constant, transparence and UV stability.
Epoxy resins, offer generally a higher temperature resistance and lower shrinkages than polyurethane resins for electrics. They can be more hard then polyurethane resins, stronger and with a better adhesive power, they have a higher chemical resistance and can be self extinguishing. Encapsulation for an electrical connettor.

POLYURETHANE RESINS for electric and electrical insulation (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator)

Resins suitable for encapsulating of particulars and electric/electronic circuits. Excellent dielectric properties, effective protective action toward moisture, electrical insulation (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator).

Product Description Sheet
RESIN PU 880 CE - Electrical insulation Fluid and free from solvent polyurethane system. Excellent mechanical and electric properties, high tenacity and thermal shock resistance. Encapsulation and sealing of electric components. Armoured resistance, electrical insulation (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator). Applicable by pouring, vacuum casting.
POLIMIX SYSTEM 2K 0990 Specific bi-component tixotropic polyurethane system for structural bonding of rigid plastics. Our special formulations allow adhesion with high crashing ahd cutting resistance No shrinking and good heat resistance (up to 80°C). Bonding of composite materials. System suitable to bond composite materials and rigid plastics.  
GEL PU SB Flexible two-component polyurethane system, room temperature hardening. No exothermic reaction, suitable for englobing electric/electronic parts and circuits to which it offers considerable protection against damp, also in extreme conditions (eg. underwater applications). Excellent dielectric properties, electrical insulation (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator).  

EPOXY RESINS for electric and electrical insulation (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator)

Bi-component pouring pre-filled epoxy resins. Low linear shrinkages, low viscosity, excellent workableness, excellent plane definition, high mechanical and thermic properties (up to 160°C), electrical insulation (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator).

Product Description Sheet
KEMIEPOX CM 290 - Electrical insulation encapsulation Bicomponent epoxy system free from solvents, filled with abrasive inert materials. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Applicable by pouring (also vacuum) or by flow-coating. Mounting of transformers, insulation of electrical equipments (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator).  
KEMIEPOX EL BLACK - Electrical insulation, encapsulating Bicomponent black pouring epoxy system, characterized by excellent chemical, mechanical and electric resistance. Suitable for the production of foundry pattern and matrices, insulation of electric and acoustic equipments to avoid the dispersion of sound (insulating resin, encapsulating, insulator). Can be applied for high thickness also.

SILICONE GEL for electric and electrical insulation

Product Description Sheet
SILIMOLD GE 02 Simple moulds, electrical insulation – Dielectric Gel
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