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Decorative candles silicone rubbers

Silicone rubber for decorative candles

RTV2 silicone rubbers, owing to their easily to use, high tearing strenght and thermic resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability are suitable for the realization of moulds for producing decorative candles in natural or synthetic wax.


Silicone moulds, owing to their anti-adherent properties, allow an easy models demoulding assuring absolute faithfulness in details reproduction.


Silicone rubbers poli condensation - different hardness shore A 10, 20, 25 for the production of decorative candles of different dimensions and shapes. The most used is the SILIMOLD (10 Shore A), very soft rubber for the realization of small and complex candles and the SILIMOLD (20 Shore A) for the realization of medium and complex candles.


Product Description Sheet
SILIMOLD AL 10 Soft silicone (10 shore A). Complex moulds for serial making of small sized resin objects (polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin), plaster, wax, etc…Moulds for lost-wax foundries. Suitable for "glove peeling" delivery. Moulds for technical articles.
SILIMOLD AL 20 Medium hardness silicone (20 shore A). High mechanical properties, suitable for the preparation of moulds with a considerable number of undercuts: reproduction of bronze statues (artistic foundry), serial reproduction of complex hand-made resin articles (polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin), in plaster, natural and synthetic wax, cement (ex. statues, decorative garden articles, decorative candles, prototypes, decorative pottery, rosettes, cornices, imitation wood friezes, etc…). Moulds for technical articles.
SILIMOLD AL 25 Medium hardness silicone (25 shore A). Suitable for making larger sized matrices than the ones obtainable with Silimold AL 10 and Silimold AL 20, the applicative sectors and the materials which can be used for objects reproduction are the same.
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