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Protectives and coatings


Protectives and coatings are applied in a large range of applications civil and industrial flooring of different thikness, waterproofing (roofs, terraces, basins, aqueducts, streets, car parks etc) the protective coating (facings, bridges, forced ducts), the corrosion proofing of industrial plants, the coating, the structural consolidation of major construction works (bridges, tunnels, viaducts), the civil and monumental restoration. The previous applications require formulations characterized by chemical and atmospheric agents resistance, scraping resistance, waterproofing.


The polyurethane, epoxy, polyester systems are suitable to be used in this sector.




Product Description
KEMIEPUR 2K WR 140 Two-component polyurethane-polyurea protective elastomer, solvent-free and plasticising. Excellent chemical and mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, waterproof but permeable to steam, extreme hardening speed
Suitable for waterproofing road planking and cement surfaces in general, car park coating, coating and waterproofing bridges and viaducts, waterproofing walkable surfaces of roofs and terraces etc…
KEMIEPUR 2K RP 20/322 Pigmented two-component glazing coating, based on polyurethane resins and aliphatic isocyanates (reticulating agent ). Outstanding hardness and abrasion resistance. High resistance to atmospheric agents, chalking, acid and alkali solutions, mineral oils, fuels, sea water etc… Used as protective painting of tanks, pits, industrial plants, aeronautical and ship structures, railway coaches, motorway works, concrete prefabricated, swimming pools etc…
POOLFLEX 1K 40 Single-component flexible waterproofing coating, based on chlorine-sulphonate polyethylene (Hypalon-Du Pont) that cures when in contact with the atmosphere’s humidity. Resistant to the weather but have good permeability to steam and gas. Resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents, ozone-stable. Excellent resistance to abrasion. Very suitable for waterproofing, anti-corrosion treatment of any concrete surface, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, sea platforms, cement roofs, chemical plants, (suitable for containing drinking water), etc...
POOLFLEX 1K 40 can also be used in recovery and protection paintwork (after priming with PRIMER PU 10/274) of surfaces covered with bitumen sheets allowing lengthen by far the underlayer’s life.
KEMIEPUR 1K 20/240 Single-component aliphatic polyurethane paint, hygrohardening (reticulates under effect of atmospheric moisture ), transparent and glazing paint. Characterized by high superficial hard, abrasion and chalking resistant due to long sun exposure. Suitable for a lasting protection of every mural surface against aggression of chemical agents (acid and alkaline solutions, sea atmosphere, sulphurous anhydride, solvents, oils, etc…) and against concrete carbonation. Anti-scratch high power.
After reticulation the product forms an anti-dust film that is very hard, elastic, transparent (anti-yellowing), it endures for a long time and writings or dirtiness are easy to clean (anti-writing paint) using strong detergents or organic solvents: KEMIEPUR 1K 20/240 opposes an impenetrable barrier against these substances.
KEMIESIL 1K EG Single-component product based on siloxane oligomers and hydroreactive silicic esters, water-reactive.
Auitable for water-repellent protection of building materials as beton, bricks, cement plasters, natural stones, etc.
It makes a chemical barrier that stops the rising humidity..
Peculiarities of this product can be resumed as follows:
  • high penetration in the support without changing the appearance
  • stability to acids and alkaline solutions
  • it hinders the formation of seaweeds, moulds, saline efflorescence
  • it shelters the support from aggression produced by industrial and sea atmosphere, acid rains, etc.
  • it can be painted with water and solvents products
  • high length in time
KEMIESIL 1K ML Single-component formula with silicone resins, siloxane, silane, and organic polymers, studied for waterproofing of horizontal surfaces such as terraces, balconies etc. The product eliminates water leaks without altering the appearance and transpirability of the backing.
POOLFLOOR 1K Single-component coating formuled with particular synthetic resins in hydro alcoholic solution. Waterproof but permeable to steam; perspiration of the support. Suitable for coating wet floors, swimming pools (also with back pressure), concrete floors, walls made of bricks, tuff or others stone materials, wood, bituminous coatings, etc.
Good resistance to abrasion and excellent support adhesion, no tendence to flaking; it can be used to paint surfaces. Suitable for trolley (supermarkets, wherehouses, etc…).
KEMIEPOX STUCCO/16 Epoxy formula in paste, free from solvents and plasticising, no shrinkage, suitable for the structural bonding of cement, iron, stone, terracotta, and for sealing, anchorage, smoothing, etc.
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