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Production Liquid casting polyurethane rubber for moulding

PoolKemie® produce a large range of liquid casting polyurethane rubbers for moulding, with different properties, according to the specific application. Available self-release and not-self-release formulations. The ones with no anti-adherence features need a release agents treatment before application. Casting and pouring rubbers.


The polyurethane rubbers for moulding are liquid, bicomponent, casting polyurethane elastomers curing at room temperature.  Are characterized by high fluidity (applicable by pouring), high mechanical strength and no linear shrinkage. Therefore they can assure absolute faithfulness in the reproduction of smallest details.

Owing to their high chemical-mechanical properties combined with high elasticity, the two component polyurethane rubbers are suitable for making flexible moulds and matrices to reproduce, starting from an original model, objects in different applicative sectors.


Liquid bicomponent polyurethane rubbers are suitable for the casting application. It is necessary to apply the release agent on the models before pouring the rubber in order to make easy the demoulding.


  Materials that can be used in hand-made objects reproduction from polyurethane rubbers matrices are: natural and synthetic waxes, plaste, cement and ceramic pastes.


Sector Description
Industry Moulds for production of ceramic sanitary fixtures, manufactures of element for garden furniture, articles etc…
Architectonic restoration Moulds for the reproduction of plaster or concrete architectonic features (decorated columns, rosettes, etc…), starting from an original model.
Applied arts Moulds for the reproduction of statues, frames and artistic works, religious articles.
Building Moulds for producers of precasted concrete elements.
Rapid prototyping Moulds for production of prototypes.
Modelling Moulds for the serial reproduction of plaster, ceramic articles etc…(ex. models in scale of ships, cars, airplane, toy-soldiers).
Handicraf Moulds for producing handicraft articles in plaster, ceramic, etc…
Special effects and scenography Moulds for the production of static scenery. The elastomer can also be used to reproduce characters, animals, scenographic articles, etc…

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