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Electrical insulation insulator encapsulation

Polyurethane resin and rubber for electrical insulator, insulation, encapsulation (Electronics, electrics)

Available complete range of polyurethane resins and rubbers for electrical insulator, electrical insulation and electrical encapsulation (electronics, electrics). The application involve the protection of electronic circuits, electronic boards, electric cables either for energy trasmission or for telecommunications from water, humidity and external weather. Electrical insulations of high and low voltage transformers and capacitors of small, medium or large dimensions.


The applicative sector of electrical insulator, electrical insulation and electrical encapsulation (electronics, electrics) requires polyurethane resins and rubbers characterized by dielectric or conductivity properties, excellent chemical and mechinical resistance, impermeability toward water. In the following the main aspects to be taken into account for the chose of the right product to use for the application:

dielectric constant, loss factor, volume resistivity, dielectric strength, flexural strength, strain at break, flexural elastic modulus, tensile strength, elongation at break, water absorption, linear thermal expansion, thermal shock, flammability, max recommended operating temperature, thermal conductivity.


Polyurethane resins and rubbers are both suitable to be used in this sector.

Polyurethane resins and rubbers for electrical insulator, electrical insulation and electrical encapsulation (electronics, electrics).


Polyurethane resins characterized by flexibility, elasticity and abrasion resistance, the rapid curing and the low exothermic reaction, low dielectric constant. Some formulations of polyurethane resins and rubbers are characterized also by transparence and UV stability.

POLYURETHANE RESINS AND RUBBERS for electrical insulator, insulation, encapsulation (electronics, electrics)

Resins suitable for encapsulating of particulars and electric/electronic circuits. Excellent dielectric properties, effective protective action toward moisture, resin for electrical insulating. Encapsulation for an electrical connettor (electronics, electric).

Product Description Sheet
RESIN PU 880 CE - Electrical insulating resin (electronics, electrics) Fluid and free from solvent polyurethane system. Excellent mechanical and electric properties, high tenacity and thermal shock resistance. Encapsulation and sealing of electric components. Armoured resistance. Applicable by pouring, vacuum casting. Encapsulation for an electrical connettor.
POLIMIX SYSTEM 2K 0990 Specific bi-component tixotropic polyurethane system for structural bonding of rigid plastics. Our special formulations allow adhesion with high crashing ahd cutting resistance No shrinking and good heat resistance (up to 80┬░C). Bonding of composite materials. System suitable to bond composite materials and rigid plastics.  
GEL PU SB - Electrical insulating gel (electronics, electrics) Flexible two-component polyurethane system, room temperature hardening. No exothermic reaction, suitable for englobing electric/electronic parts and circuits to which it offers considerable protection against damp, also in extreme conditions (eg. underwater applications). Excellent dielectric properties.  
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