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Casting polyurethane resins

Pure casting polyurethane resins used for many applicative sectors such us models and prototyping. Casting polyurethane resins can be pure or filled with mineral fillers of different nature to obtain special mechanical or chemical properties.

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Product Description Sheet
RESIN PU 087 (HARDENER PUH-887) Special bi component pourable polyurethane resin. Characterized by low viscosity, high thermic resistance (up to 110°C), low linear shrinkage, quick demoulding, excellent definition. Polyurethnae plastic suitable for producing demonstrative prototypes, foundry patterns (where it is required excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability and high precision), negatives, serial poured hand-made articles, copy models, blister, pilot vacuum thermoforming moulds or similar applications. The resin is pigmentable and highly filleable (using the charge AL 3 H it is possible to obtain low specific weight products). Available standard catalyst for thin layers and slow catalyst for relevant masses. Casting polyurethane resins.
RESIN PU 880 CE (HARDENER PUH 880) Casting fluid and free from solvent polyurethane system. Excellent mechanical and electric properties, high tenacity and thermal shock resistance. Encapsulation and sealing of electric components. Armoured resistance. Applicable by pouring, vacuum casting.


Filled polyurethane resins formulated with charges of different nature alluminium, iron, silver, carbonate, natural stone powder. Some formulations of pre filled polyurethane resins can be workable with tools, can have high dielectric or conductive properties.

Product Description Sheet
RESIN PUC 097 (HARDENER PUH-1097) Bi component polyurethane resin applicable by pouring, pre filled with special charges, tool workable. Characterized by no linear shrinkage (<0,05%), high scraping and thermic resistance (up to 115°C). Used for the realization of foundry patterns, copy models, moulds and prototype, pilot vacuum thermoforming moulds, in modelling sector (realization of models in scale of cars, ships, airplane, toy soldiers, small objects). Available standard catalyst for thin layers and slow catalyst for relevant masses.
POLYURETHANE RESINS VACUUM CASTING Special vacuum pouring polyurethane plastics, transparent and UV resistant. Physical and mechanical properties similar to PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PMMA, PC, Nylon, used for the production of functional models. Thermic resistance over 200°C. Hardness from 40 to 90 shore A.  
POLYURETHANE RESINS R.I.M. Bi component polyurethane systems similar to polypropylene. Polyurethane resin for mold, curing at room temperature, low viscosity, quick delivery (demoulding), high thermic resistance (oltre 180°C). Used in rapid prototyping field and for limited serial productions (filled resin).  
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