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Polyurethane casting resins

Polyurethane resins

PoolKemie® provides a large range of polyurethane resins (purecharged, foams) with different properties, according to specific application.


Bi component polyurethane (Polyol and Isocyanate) pouring resins, that cure at room temperature, with addition of the appropriate hardener, forming a stable and not reversible compound with high mechanical resistance. Are characterized by very small linear shrinkage, quick demoulding, high crash and scraping resistance, dimensional stability and excellent surface finish. Owing to their fluidity they go deep into the moulds reproducing exactly any smallest detail of it.

Resins are chargeable, using very light charges it is possible to obtain products with low specific gravity in different applicative sectors. Two component liquid polyurethane resins.



Sector Description
Industry Production of rigid moulds (pilot vacuum thermoforming moulds), foundry patterns, copy/negative models, small/medium sized articles, protective encapsulation of equipments useable mainly in high technology sectors (electric-electronic and electrotechnical), semi conductors gasket protection, dielectric insulating of machines or materials for flow-coating or painting.
Rapid prototyping Production of demonstrative prototypes.
Modelling Serial reproduction of small sized resin articles, model in scale of cars, ships, airplane, toy-soldiers. Silicone rubbers are used to make the moulds in order to assure faithfulness in reproducing original model forms and details. Reproduction is obtained by pouring the resin into the mould.
Handicraft Reproduction of handicraft resin products.

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