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Casting polyester resins

Casting polyester resins are used for different applicative sectors, for example for the realization of statues imitation marble (charged with marble porder), figurines for nativity scenes. Available also transparent version used for encapsulation of objects and for interior design for the realization of transparent elements for furniture.

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Product Description Sheet
RESINPOL 386 Orthophthalic pre-accelerated casting polyester resin. This resin is characterized by good mechanical properties, low linear shrinkage, high wetting power toward fibre and mineral charges. Suitable to realize high thickness hand-made compounds, coachworks, sanitary fixtures, components for industrial machinery etc… Casting polyester resin used for the pouring production of ornamental or technical articles, for pressing (at low or medium temperature) and for the production of synthetic marble and marble agglomerate. Resin for masses filled with inert materials. Allow to obtain paste with high percentage of charge, like calcium carbonate, marble, microspheres, etc…Charges allow to increase the mass volume without compromise the fluency, with the advantage of containing the heat development, increasing the dimensional stability and reducing the final costs of the applied product.
RESINPOL PK 228 Casting polyester resin - Insature, pure orthopfthalic polyester resin, transparent, fluid. Suitable for producing small objects such as buttons, jewelry transparent by pouring and for mounting of objects where it is asked transparency and resistance towards yellow tendency. Room temperature curing. Pouring or vacuum casting applications, also with inclusion of other objects. Casting polyester resin.  
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