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Polyester resins

Polyester resins

Poolkemie provides a large range of polyester resins with different properties, according to specific application.

Bi-component resins pure or charged, subdivided in orthophthalic, isophthalic and vinylester. Applicable by pouring or stratification, according to application.


Excellent mechanical resistance, high wetting capability (fibre and mineral charge).


Stratification polyester resins, thanks to their tixotropic properties, can be applied to vertical surfaces.


Isophthalic resins are characterized by a higher flexibility than orthophthalic resins.


Vinylester resins have a high mechanical resistance, similar to the epoxy ones, and a high temperature resistance (more than 110 °C).


Polyester resins are used in nautical and aeronautic sectors to realize structural elements of boats and aircrafts and in others applicative sectors.




Sector Description
Industry Sanitary fixtures, production of motorcycle silencers, bodies, fairings..
Production of fiberglass articles.
Anticorrosive structural covering of basins, tanks in chemical and oil industry.
Realization of bending stress articles such as half elliptic spring, elastic suspensions, etc…
Articles Realization of small objects by pouring, objects mounting.
Nautical Building of hulls and products destined to permanent water contact, competition boats, surf-boards etc…
Realization of transparent finish on surf-boards and realization of bending stress articles such as sticks for sails, etc…
Marble Synthetic marble and marble conglomerate

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