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Natural liquid Latex rubber

The natural liquid Latex is a fluid compound that can be applied by casting, brushing or potting.


The natural liquid Latex is used for the realization of many different applications for example:

- liquid natural latex for mold making

- liquid natural latex for masks making, gloves making

- latex foam (for pillow or mattresses production).


The latex masks are usually obtained using a silicone rubber mould that rapresent the form of mask and the latex is applied by brush, layer after layer to obtain the desired thickness. It is necessary to wait until the previous layer is quite dry before to apply the following.


There are mainly two type of latex:

- the natural latex

- and the natural prevulcanized latex.


The natural prevulcanized latex cures with air reaction and it can dry also at room temperature, the time of demoulding depends from the room temperature. Of course the temperature can help to accellerate the process of hardening.


The natural latex cures only with temperature; it is necessary to put the latex in oven at 100 - 110 °C for some minutes according to the dimension of the the object.

Product Description
60% NATURAL LATEX 60% natural latex. It can be stored for six months in the original sealed containers kept in a cool and dry place (temperature from 5 to 40 ° C).
PRE-VULCANIZED LATEX Liquid spreading products suitable for the realization of prosthesis, masks, make up and special effects for cinema, television, theatre etc…
LATEX-PEEL Natural polymer base paste, not flammable used for realization of different kind of surfaces (floorings, windowsills, showers, baths, etc…). LATEX PEEL after curing forms a film to protect from crashes and scratching. The film can be easily removed by peeling.
LATEXFOAM Natural latex based compound stabilized with ammonia and with primary foaming - latex emulsion mixed with air.
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