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Liquid latex

Poolkemie have a range of natural and synthetic latex, with different properties according to the specific application.


Natural latex

Emulsion similar to milk and glue consistence, generally of white colour. The latex foam is obtained for vulcanising of synthetic and/or natural latex emulsion mixed with air (used for example for the production of mattresses, for the realization of elastic moulds, for the production of objects, latex masks, latex gloves)


Synthetic latex

It is a product obtained from dispersion of synthetic polymers, deriving (for example) from styrene-butadiene. They are used expecially as additive for cement in order to modify the final properties of the mortars, for example it is possible to obtain higher elasticity and waterproofing.




Latex is used for many industrial applications for the production of gloves, mattress, toys, coverings, accessories for grv, paddings, etc… and for scenery

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