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Laminating epoxy resins

Epoxy resins applicable by stratification. Characterized by smooth finish, excellent mechanical and thermic resistance. Suitable for nautical field, modelling, for realization of hand-made compounds, motorcycle accessories, sports articles (flow-coating of fiberglass, carbon, kevlar fibre). Available a large range of hardeners to obtain specific properties such us pot life, demoulding time, flexibility, bonding power, chemical resistance, thermal resistance of Laminating epoxy resins.
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Product Description Sheet
KEMIEPOX NCT 501L Bi-component pure lamination epoxy resin that cures, with the appropriate hardeners, at room temperature (over 25°C) or at hot. Characterized by excellent mechanical and thermic resistance (over 150°C), low viscosity, excellent wetting, and resistant towards yellow tendency, high surface finish (final surface with no greasiness). Applications: Laminating epoxy resins used for the realization of small/medium sized high performance compounds, of sports articles, structural elements of boats subject to strong stress, surf-boards, aircrafts (application for stratification on fibreglass, fibre, carbon etc…). Laminating epoxy resins.
KEMIEPOX TRS/NAUTICAL Bicomponent pure epoxy system, fluid, characterized by good smooth finish, quick cure and low viscosity; specific separate charge to add, if necessary, up to 2,5 the resin volume. The final compound is suitable for shaving on wide surfaces and thickness up to 2 cm. Repairing of structural elements of wood boat, aircraft, competition vehicle, sporting articles and small sized objects. Treatment against osmosis and, adding the charge, for shaving and plastering of wide surfaces. Applied for flow-coating, manual or with roller, of fiberglass, carbon, kevlar or wood.  
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