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Epoxy resins for flooring

Poolkemie provide many different formulations of epoxy resins for flooring. Pure epoxy resins for self levelling applications, charged with mineral charges for self levelling and for multilyer applications. Available epoxy resins for paving either transparent or coloured. Epoxy primers for different materials cement and wood, epoxy coatings for finishing.


Epoxy resins thanks to their excellent mechanical properties are used for paving and for sticking concrete elements together. Epoxy resins for flooring.

Product Description Sheet
KEMIEPOX NCT 301 Filled with mineral inert materials for paving, pure for sticking together concrete elements.
KEMIEPOX 20/256 FOR DIGGING Low viscosity epoxy systems that reticulate also at low temperatures and in the presence of damp. Suitable for consolidating structures in concrete, stone, wood etc... Epoxy resins for flooring. Application: applicable by low pressure injection


Fluid bicomponent epoxy systems for paving. It can be applied on cement, wood, pre-existent floors or on various surfaces screed. Types: multicoating, screed (mortar coating, mineral charge and resin), spatula, self levelling or simple painting (film). Adding quarts powder or granules it is possible to get pavings with different uses. High resistance to impacts, wear, waterproof and easy to clean. Thickness from 0,3 mm (for film) up to 10 mm with screed type. Large range of colours.

Product Description Sheet
EPOXFLOOR 50 CNC Multi layer epoxy system for flooring.  
EPOXFLOOR PVA 15/203 Self-levelling epoxy product for monolithic floorings
EPOXFLOOR RP 30/408 Epoxy coating for flooring.  


Bicomponent fluid epoxy systems for paving, suitable for protective and atoxic covering (coating). Water dilutable. Available in different colours. Can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Product Description
HYDROPOX PK 201 Bicomponent epoxy coating water dilutable suitable for application on damp surfaces, finish with tile effect, extremely resistant to humidity, mould, chemical products and wear.
HYDROPOX PK 50-100 Transparent epoxy primer in water dispersion, gives superficial hardening and consistency to went off, crumbled and much porous mortars.

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