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Filled casting epoxy resins

Pre-filled casting epoxy resins for many applicative sectors.
POOLKEMIE has developed different formulation of filled epoxy resins: tool workable systems, casting systems for the encapsulation of electrical elements, self leveling for flooring, charged with aluminium for thermoforming moulds, charged with mineral fillers systems, charged with metals fillers for the thermal and electric conducibility

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Product Description Sheet
KEMIEPOX CM 641 Pouring epoxy resin pre-filled with metallic inert materials, characterized by high hardness (tool workable), excellent thermic resistance and conductivity, low thermal expansion. Used for the building of thermo resistant moulds where it is required tool workable and excellent thermic conductivity.  
KEMIEPOX MC 183 BLUE Bicomponent epoxy system filled with abrasive inert materials. Hard, strong, excellent mechanical and thermic properties. Not tool workable. Used for foundry patterns, moulds for stretchforming. Applicable by simple pouring or by cavity pouring.
KEMIEPOX REC 116 Pouring epoxy resin pre-filled with abrasive inert materials. Used for PU foams flexible and rigid (imitation wood). Moulds also of large size.
KEMIEPOX CM 290 Bicomponent epoxy system free from solvents, filled with abrasive inert materials. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Applicable by pouring (also vacuum) or by flow-coating. Mounting of transformers, insulation of electrical equipments.  
KEMIEPOX EL BLACK Bicomponent black pouring epoxy system, characterized by excellent chemical, mechanical and electric resistance. Suitable for the production of foundry pattern and matrices, insulation of electric and acoustic equipments to avoid the dispersion of sound. Can be applied for high thickness also.
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