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Epoxy resins

Poolkemie provides a large range of epoxy resins, with different properties, according to specific application. We offer pure pouring epoxy resins, pre-filled pouring epoxy resins, pure lamination epoxy resins, epoxy series for paving, epoxy series gel coats and last plasters.


The epoxy resins are liquid bi-component resins that can be applied by casting or lamination. Generally curing at room temperature with an exothermic reaction (pure or charged). Some types of epoxy resins are in paste form, mouldable, for vertical applications. Other types of epoxy resins require a hot hardening.


Available pure casting epoxy resins, pre-filled casting epoxy resins, pure laminating epoxy resins, epoxy systems for flooring, epoxy gel coats series and last plasters.


The room temperature curing epoxy resins can be fluid (excellent wetting in laminating or easy casting) or viscous, transparent or coloured. Once hardened they have excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, thermic resistance (special formulation), high dimensional stability and smooth surface finish.


The application of epoxy plastic is relatively simple. The ratio between the resin and the hardener can be different from a system to another (ex. 100:50 or 100:25 in weight).


Thanks to the above properties, epoxy resins can be used in many different applicative sectors, from industry to nautical and modeling.




Sector Description
Building/Furnishings Paving, tops for furnishings, objects mounting
Models Foundry patterns: it is necessary excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability and high precision.
Style models: highly tools workable epoxy pastes, applicable by manual moulding, with mixing machine or with roller for constant thickness applications.
Copy/negatives models.
Electric/Electronic/Electrotechnical Systems for high/low voltage, encapsulation of electronic components and high voltage transformers, cables for energy transmission and telecommunications.
Rigid matrices and moulds Moulds for reproduce polyurethane rubber or imitation wood objects, vacuum thermoforming moulds.
Navigation and aeronautics Realization of structural elements of boats and aircrafts (flow-coating of carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar)
Marble and porous materials Epoxy systems for flow-coating, reinforcement and restoration of marble slabs and blocks. Resins with high transparence and excellent resistance towards yellow tendency. Consolidation of porous and absorbent materials, like wood, porous stones, cement, bricks, plasters, etc...Flow-coating for capillarity; the product can penetrate from 1 to 3 mm according to materials. The treatment makes the surfaces impermeable and gives a higher consistence.

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