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Laminating acrylic resins

The laminating acrylic resins are thixotropic resins used for the coating of material of different nature, from polystyrene to wood or cement.

They are applied by stratification in different thickness, rapid curing time in order to allow the application of many layers in short time to get also high final thikness.

Availabel formulations for indoor applications and formulations for outdoor applications.



Product Description
ECORESIN BRUSH Ecological synthetic powder resin. Applicable by brush. Excellent copy properties, high dimensional stability and high superficial hard. Use: pour the powder quantity in the appropriate water quantity and shake for about 1 minute.
  • MIXING RATIO :                                100 : 25
  • SHAKING TIME:                                 about 1 min.
  • POT LIFE:                                         25 min.
  • DRYING TIME (Room Temperature):   2 h.
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