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Casting acrylic resins

Casting acrylic resins

The casting acrylic resins are used in many different applicative sectors - In the artistic sector it is used to reproduce statues or objects or art by casting the resin inside of rubbers moulds.


The resin is very fluid suitable for the realization of the details characterized by differnet working time and demoulding time according to the quantity or resin poured into the mould. In the building sectors the liquid acrylic resins are used as additive to modify the properties of cement.


Product Description
ECORESIN ECORESIN it is a synthetic resin that, mixtured with water in opportune stoichiometric proportions, forms a fluid mass pourable also in silicone rubber moulds, in order to create high or bottom relieves, every type of artistic reproduction, models, statues, vases etc… After the hardening, presents a structure and a "sound" similar to the ceramics, without baking necessity and can therefore be defined a cold ceramics.
The particular obtained with ECORESIN reproduce the original faithfully, without deformation or shrinkage. Once dried, the particular can be decorated with all the usual colours in commerce and also put in galvanic bath. ECORESIN is adapted for the infantile working, it is completely non-toxic either during the working and no harmful in conctact with skin and/or ingestion.
The working tools have to be washed with water.
ECORESIN PLUS CERAMICO Two-components synthetic ecologic resin on acrylic base mixtureable at cold in ratio 100:35, hardening at room temperature. The system is very simple to apply, atoxic, good performances, reliability, versatility and competitiveness. The product is in powder and has innovative properties. Suitable for pouring in silicone or polyurethane moulds to obtain different kinds of products in different applicative sectors such as ceramics and artistic.
Production of friezes, decorations, tiles, statues, figurines, relieves also in combination with glass and/or transparent resins.
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