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Ecological acrylic resins

Poolkemie provides a large range of acrylic resins for pouring, with different properties, according to specific application.


Synthetic acrylic resins that, mixtured with water (or water base catalyst, free from solvents), forms a fluid mass pourable also in silicone rubber moulds. Used to realize high or bottom relieves, every type of artistic reproduction, models, statues, vases etc…

Once hardened, it presents a structure and a "sound" similar to the ceramics, with no need of baking. This is why it can be defined a cold ceramic. The particulars obtained with acrylic resins reproduce the original faithfully, without deformation or shrinkage.


  Some types of acrylic resins are suitable for the infantile working. They are absolutely non-toxic, either during the application and no harmful in conctact with skin and/or ingestion.

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